‘I was just sexually assaulted': Son's text message shows toxicity at Oviedo HS, dad says

OVIEDO, Fla. — 9 Investigates continues to look into allegations of inappropriate touching inside the Oviedo High School football locker room.

A district investigation is underway and now the father of another student is talking about what his son endured last year when he was a member of the team.

WFTV reported about allegations inside the boys football locker room in September 2018.


Police called the incident between members of the junior varsity football team "locker room shenanigans."

Two months later, the State Attorney's Office announced it would not pursue charges against any players.

Fast forward to late last month, when a freshman player said he was violated inside the locker room.

His parents are asking for charges against one of the varsity players.

Last week, the school disciplined three players.

The father claims his son was the victim of touching in which a teammate was charged with simple battery.

That man said the environment in the locker room was so toxic that when his lease was up, he moved out and into a new area of the county.

He said more should have been done following the incidents last year.

"There was a lot of things going on that shouldn't be,” he said. “Apparently, they still continue now. And we are sitting here a year later.”

His son texted his father about the so-called “code reds” in October of last year.

"I'm sick of the [behind] grabbing and them trying to finger you when you walk by," his son texted.
In another text he wrote:

"Guess what I was just sexually assaulted."

“He got grabbed from the front on film in a common area of the school, so it was on film for the school to see, as well," the man said.

He said after the latest incidents, he is still open to having his son's case from last year opened back up.

The district investigation will be conducted by a former law enforcement detective who works for the district.

A district spokesperson told Channel 9 there is no timetable for the investigation.

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