• Security expert: Schools require custom-made security plans


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - In the wake of the deadly school shooting in Connecticut, one expert believes coming up with plan to totally secure schools is very difficult, even if the schools are similar.

    Security expert Rick de Treville said because no two schools are the same, each one requires a custom-made security plan.   

    Elementary school teacher and mother Debbie Gentile said Friday's tragedy was devastating for her, but her school didn’t waste time making security changes.

    “We were encouraged today to ensure that all the doors remain locked,” Gentile said.

    But each school district has its own unique security challenges, de Treville said.

    For example, both Carillon and Walker elementary schools in Seminole County are similar in age and only a few miles apart, but they have completely different layouts, number of exits and windows.

    De Treville said most newer schools were built with a goal of preventing break-ins.

    “A logical person wouldn't necessarily penetrate a school, but a sociopath would,” said de Treville.

    De Treville said even if schools were as fortified like a prison, students and teachers would still be vulnerable once they left the building, plus it would be very expensive.

    He said armed guards aren’t the answer either, because a bad guy could get the jump on a guard and take him out.

    De Treville said the best way to secure a building is to beef up security at the entrance, but even that isn't foolproof.

    Gentile said she hopes more will be done soon to improve security at all schools.

    “I was teaching after the Columbine incident and I remember the focus and the attention we paid to security and I think we put a lot of measures in place then and I think it's time to tighten that up,” she said.

    De Treville said he also believes lives could be saved if those with mental illnesses get help before they break down and snap.

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