Seminole County man reports problems with garbage pickup

Video: Seminole County man reports problems with garbage pickup

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — Troy Williamson, who lives in Seminole County, said his issues with Waste Pro began in March.

“I noticed the Waste Pro service guy came by and he only took up the top white bag,” said Williamson.

In April, Williamson said trash was left in the street. Last week, Williamson said the Waste Pro truck didn’t pick up his trash at all.

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“Neighbor across the street didn’t put her garbage out but they just missed mine completely,” he said.

Williamson documented his complaints with pictures and video and he sent them to Seminole County.

“I just don’t realize what the problem is,” he said. “If I’m paying county taxes to have my garbage picked up, I expect service.”

In an email, a spokesperson for Waste Pro said they are having the division manager get in touch with Williamson and will send a route supervisor to drive through the neighborhood to ensure workers are picking up and cleaning up.

“We take our service seriously, so we hold the contractor to the service expectations required by the contract,” said Jeffrey Waters, division manager for Seminole County Solid Waste.

From January 2018 to March 2019, Waste Pro and Advanced Disposal have been penalized a little over $118,000 for poor service.

“Certainly, our goal is not to penalize. Our goal is to get the garbage picked up. That’s what we are here to do,” said Waters.

A Waste Pro spokesperson said they also plan to communicate with their crews the importance of a high level of service.

Meanwhile, the county said residents should not expect a refund for missed service, since that money also pays for the actual disposal of the garbage that is picked up.