Skateboarders, bicyclists could soon be allowed on Orlando sidewalks

It’s illegal for skateboarders and cyclists to use sidewalks, but soon, pedestrians might have to share them with skateboarders and bicyclists. 
The Orlando City Council is looking at an ordinance Monday that would allow skaters and bicyclists on sidewalks. 
“I’ve gotten tickets for riding my bike on the sidewalk,” said Cleo Wigfall.
Wigfall said the threat of getting a ticket for riding downtown hasn’t stopped him or others.
A $75 ticket is not nothing to play with, but, I'll get the ticket to be on the sidewalk, than not being on the sidewalk and getting hit by a car,” Wigfall said. 
Tickets can also be issued to skateboarders, who are banned from public property. 
But city officials acknowledge that skateboarding, along with walking and biking, is becoming a more popular way to get around. 
As long as no signs forbid, a proposed ordinance would allow skateboarders and bicyclists on the sidewalk. 
Cyclists told Channel 9 that they would like to see the change made around Lake Eola as well. 
The city is hoping that by 2040, most people will walk, bike, carpool or skateboard instead of drive.
Leaders will discus the ordinance again next month.
Q Mccray

Q McCray, WFTV.com

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