Some in Central Florida experience issues with stimulus money

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Not everyone is getting their stimulus check and many who are, are not getting the right amount.

Making matters worse, the IRS says its telephone assistance “is not available at this time” and it has “stopped all face-to-face service nationwide until further notice.”

“If I have to wait eight weeks for paper checks, like they are saying, ‘I’m probably going to be evicted,’” says Orlando resident Jennifer Dotson, who has been unable to log on to the IRS site to see where her stimulus check is in the process.


The IRS does have a site where people can check to see the status of their check, however many people have told Eyewitness News that their information is not there or incomplete.

“I don't know who else to contact. I tried for a contact at the IRS and was unable to find one,” wrote Susan Chasteen in an email to Nine Investigates. “I received my deposit, but it also included a payment for my deceased husband. How can I return this?”

“We were supposed to get $2,400 as a married couple,” said Anne Serrano-Gillman. “I checked my account and it only give me $1,836, what should I do now to get the rest of my stimulus, the IRS is not taking calls.”

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Also caught in the middle, tax preparation businesses who say customers are coming to them.

“It’s been complete chaos, people have been calling all day long,” said Rayshad Melton of Advanced Tax Experts in Orlando. “All the customers are calling asking where’s there money, we don’t have your money, the IRS is supposed to issue it to you.”

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With the IRS not answering, members of Congress are now filling in.

“Anyone who lives in the Ninth Congressional District can call my office,” says Rep. Darren Soto (D- FL 09). “We’re seeing people are starting to get their checks this week who either had direct deposit for their Social Security or for their tax returns, not all of them are in correct amounts, this is your money and it was Congress’s intent for you to get it as soon as possible to help with this economic relief during this pandemic.”

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