• Some drivers question third traffic light installed within a half-mile on busy Orange County road

    By: Racquel Asa , James Tutten


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A busy road in Orlando is about to get slower with a new traffic light at Semoran Boulevard near Curry Ford Road.

    WFTV traffic anchor Racquel Asa asked officials why the state would consider putting the light between Grant Street and Curry Road Road, when there are already two other lights within a half-mile.

    Donald Meier contacted Eyewitness News when he saw construction crews installing the traffic signals on Semoran Boulevard.


    He was worried about the extra traffic it would cause for those on this half mile stretch of road.
    “It's going to get worse,” Meier said.

    The state said the traffic light won't be like the other traffic lights on Semoran Boulevard. 

    A spokesperson said the lights will only be activated and turned red when someone needs to turn left in the turn lane or if someone presses a button to cross the street.

    Several people were seen trying to cross the roadway Wednesday afternoon.

    Some were waiting for their turn and waiting in the median for a safe interval in traffic.

    “I've had people almost try to hit me because I'm crossing, and they don't want to stop,” Jeff McCraken said.

    In addition to the traffic signal, the state also created a crosswalk in the middle of the street for those trying to catch the bus on the side.    

    Jaywalking is a known problem in the area.

    Orlando police were handing out tickets six years ago to people crossing where they weren't supposed to.

    “I can't walk all the way down to the crosswalks,” McCraken said. “It takes forever, so I just cross. But sometimes it’s a lot of traffic and you have to be patient and wait."

    Meier can get behind safer areas for walkers. He just hopes all three lights on this stretch work in sync once they're turned on.

    “Make sure they all work together not stop, stop, stop,” Meier said.

    The new traffic signal and construction on Semoran Boulevard in the area should be done by late summer.

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