• State continues to withhold child support long after man regains custody of children


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Channel 9 has helped a man who said  he has been in a lengthy battle with those who run Florida's child support program.
    Well after the death of Dave Hernandez's estranged wife Michelle, the state continues taking child support money from his paychecks. It is doing that despite the fact that his four sons now live with him
    Nearly four months after Hernandez gave the state a copy of his estranged wife Michelle's death certificate money is still being taken from him.
    "The answer that I would get from them was, 'We're going to continue taking the money out until this case is closed,'" Hernandez said.

    Raw: Father describes battle with child support system

    Hernandez said the state is taking more than $800 a month from his checks.

    He said the loss of that money is making it difficult to care for his children.
    "It's been pretty rough. It's been rough," he said.
    After Channel 9's Mario Boone contacted the state, an official there said they owe Hernandez nearly $3,000.
    Hernandez said $6,000 would be a more realistic estimate. He said it is money he needs to buy food, clothes, and beds for the boys.
    "The way they treated me was really bad," Hernandez said.
    He said he was appreciative that Channel 9 was able to get the state to respond.
    "You guys did the magic," Hernandez said. "They said they will have a check for me by the end of this week."

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