• Bond revoked for man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A judge granted a motion on a separate charge to revoke the bond for a man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman.

    Matthew Apperson was taken into custody Friday on a separate charge. The state attorney asked the judge to send Apperson back to jail for allegedly urinating on his neighbor Sharee Rivera's doorstep.

    Apperson had been out on bond since the shooting and was being monitored by GPS.

    Apperson denied urinating on the Rivera's doorstep and pointed out that he's being monitored by GPS, so, there would be evidence if he had gone to her home.

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    Raw: Apperson hearing on GPS monitor

    Judge Debra Nelson said because there is probable cause in the case, it violates the rules of his bond.

    "We showed that there was absolutely no physical evidence where there should be, but I make arguments, judges make rulings," defense attorney Michael LaFay said.

    Rivera admitted while on the stand that she's called the police on Apperson more than a dozen times accusing him of harrasment and intimidation.

    "We have some individuals who have had a long standing enmity or dislike for Apperson. I think they seized an opportunity," LaFay said.

    Prosecutors filed the motion because they think he's a danger to society outside of prison.

    It has been two months since Apperson was arrested and charged with attempted second-degree murder on charges of firing into Zimmerman's car during a road rage incident on Lake Mary Boulevard.

    In May, Apperson claimed he fired at Zimmerman in self-defense.

    WFTV asked Apperson if he had a fixation with Zimmerman?

    "I believe my attorney can address all these comments," Apperson said.


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