• Code enforcement pulling, recycling hundreds of tax signs a day


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando Code Enforcement said some tax companies are out of control, creating a public hazard by putting signs all over the roadways.

    Orlando and Orange County residents most likely have noticed the abundance of signs at intersections, and officials said they're not only cluttering up neighborhood streets, they're also dangerous.

    "(They cause) sight-line hazards, causes hazards for pedestrians trying to get in and out of the streets," said Mike Rhodes of Orlando Code Enforcement.

    When code enforcement officials see the signs, they not only issue citations, officials will remove the signs and take them away in trucks for recycling.

    "In a day, we probably collect 400 or 500," said Rhodes.

    Crews have collected several thousand signs so far and issued more than 50 citations, which work like traffic tickets.

    After each offense, companies face higher fines.

    Code enforcement issues citations for every single sign, and the city said about four companies have received the bulk of them.

    One of those companies is owned by Charles Abner.

    "The city gave us over 21 citations," said Abner, which he claims added up to $5,000 in fines.

    "Basically, we have done everything to comply with the city of Orlando, and we moved all the signs in all places," said Abner. "Still, we receive citations on a daily basis."

    Officials disagree, and code enforcement said its message is clear.

    "If you put your signs in the right of way, we're going to come find you, and we're going to write you a citation and we're going to see you in court," said Rhodes.

    The city said it's the first time they've gone after tax companies like this.

    Abner said he may have to close his business due to the fines.

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    Code enforcement pulling, recycling hundreds of tax signs a day