Teacher: Student asked for help after substitute teacher touched her inappropriately

Megan Cruz reports.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — An Osceola County teacher's interview with officials about what she knew about a substitute teacher accused of molesting nine students has now come to light.

County investigators believe 19-year-old Syed Asher inappropriately touched nine girls younger than eight at three different elementary schools: Boggy Creek, Ventura and Pleasant Hill.

A teacher at Boggy Creek told investigators everything she knew about Asher prior to the allegations.

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"I mean, honestly, it just seemed like he didn't have a lot of control in the classroom," the teacher said when asked if she noticed anything about him.

The teacher said a student came up to her and asked for help after Asher substituted for her in February.

"I pulled her aside and she's like, she needed to talk to an officer because the substitute had done something to her," the teacher said during the recording.

After a detective asked for more details the teacher continued, "that he had done the same thing to all of them, that he touched them all."

The teacher later revealed the student told her that Asher allegedly touched her butt.

That student is the fifth of six girls from Boggy Creek to come forward with allegations.

Investigators also said in May that three girls from Pleasant Hill and Ventura elementary schools claim Asher touched them while either at his desk or theirs, or while getting help with an assignment.

District officials said that Asher taught 1,100 students around the county for three months.