Teen accused of impersonating hospital worker wants statements thrown out

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. — A teenager accused of impersonating a physician assistant at Osceola County Medical Center is trying to get statements he made to police thrown out.

Attorneys for Matthew Scheidt made the motion to get his statements tossed during a court hearing Thursday.

Scheidt was arrested in September, accused of obtaining a badge showing he was a PA and even treating patients at the medical center.

"I might have said I was just an assistant," Scheidt said. "I might not have said I'm an assistant in clerical."

Scheidt's attorney argued the 17-year-old was basically tricked into later confessing since police kept saying they weren't looking at criminal charges.

"They're saying, 'Don't worry about the criminal aspect, only worry about the civil liability,'" said defense attorney Jamie Kane.

During the three-hour interrogation, Scheidt told detectives, "I still have an interest in the medical field."

"What do you want to do?" detectives asked.

"Maybe become a (registered nurse)," Scheidt replied.

Scheidt also told police he might want to go into law enforcement.

The judge said he would decide after watching the entire interview whether to throw the statements out.

The motion comes as prosecutors say they might have to delay the upcoming trial, which is set to begin in late August. Prosecutors said they're having a hard time getting victim information from the hospital, and they'll most likely need more time to do so.

"We're asking for an extension since the demand has been filed at no fault to the state," said prosecutor Sarah Freeman. "They are essentially in noncompliance at this time."

But defense argues Scheidt has a right to a speedy trial, claiming the state waited too long to request the information.

"The fact that they waited until May is no fault of Mr. Scheidt, so I'm asking the court to deny the motion," said Kane.

The judge also expressed concern about why prosecutors didn't request the information sooner but said he would wait until at least Friday to see if the hospital can give an estimated timeline for handing over the information.

It's possible there could be another hearing Monday with attorneys for the hospital to see what is really going on with the records, Channel 9's Jeff Deal said.

Prosecutors said there are more than 450 patients who could have been affected. They're hoping more information from the hospital will help them narrow down who actually could have been victimized.

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