• Towing company employees evacuated after suspicious package delivery


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A suspicious looking white powder brought the hazmat team out to an Orange County towing company Monday.

    Employees of MFSI Towing & Recovery had to be evacuated after a package with the powder inside was discovered, officials said.

    The powder was not considered dangerous, but investigators said they believe it was still meant as a threat.

    The employees moved to the building next door as hazardous materials experts began testing the powder.

    "It came into the office. The package was opened. It contained a white powdery substance," said Battalion Chief Lashun Stadom of the Orange County Fire Rescue.

    It took about an hour and a half to determine that the powder was not dangerous.

    "We can do some preliminary tests that tell us pretty initially if it is going to be a threat, and possibly need more testing and more precautions taken and that's what we did today," said Stadom.

    Federal investigators were at the scene throughout the morning.

    "We have the FBI on scene and we also have the U.S. Postal Service on scene as the package was received through the mail," said Stadom.

    Federal investigators would not comment on their investigation, and neither would managers at the towing company.



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    Towing company employees evacuated after suspicious package delivery