Travelers at OIA fed up, frustrated with Frontier Airlines delays

ORLANDO, Fla. — Some travelers at Orlando International Airport don’t know where they’ll be spending the holiday after Frontier Airlines canceled hundreds of flights, leaving many passengers stranded.

Many have been waiting for their flights since the weekend.

“I can expect delays during the holidays, but three, four, or five days is a bit much,” said California resident Joy Dauda, who was in Florida for a funeral but can’t get back to San Diego.

She was supposed to be back in San Diego over the weekend.

On Monday alone, almost 300 Frontier Airlines flights were canceled.

Dauda and her daughter had tickets for one of them.

“We are running out of money just staying here every day,” Dauda said.

She received her first hotel voucher and a voucher for food on Wednesday.

An airlines spokesperson said they should have canceled flights ahead of a winter storm.

To catch up with backlog, more workers are being brought in to bump travelers to other flights or help with refunds.

“They bumped me all the way from Saturday to Wednesday,” said traveler Kevin Salaoutis.

Frontier said 20 percent of its flights at OIA are either delayed or canceled.

A spokesperson for the airline said passengers should consistently check their flight status online and if they need to rebook, call the customer service number.

It’s not clear when the airline will be up to speed.