Harold weakens to tropical depression; Franklin to pass hundreds of miles off Florida’s east coast

ORLANDO, Fla. — Channel 9 meteorologists are tracking several tropical systems in the Atlantic, Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.


5 p.m. update:

Harold is still producing heavy rain and flooding threats for parts of Texas and Mexico but has weakened to a tropical depression.

Franklin is also very disheveled right now, and questionable if it’s truly still a tropical cyclone at this point. With the center exposed from convection, its center may be reforming.

Either way, the heavy rain threat for Hispaniola continues. After passing over the Dominican Republic, reorganization and intensification of Franklin is still expected off the east coast of Florida as it tracks north into next week.

We’ll monitor beach conditions and rip currents at local beaches with Franklin potentially at hurricane strength next week off our coast.

11:35 a.m. update:

Tropical Storm Harold made landfall on Padre Island, Texas around 11 a.m.

The storm system will bring much-needed rain to the area which has been experiencing extreme drought.

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Harold had maximum sustained winds around 50 mph while coming on shore.

Harold is forecast to bring heavy rains and tropical-storm-force winds for several hours.

Original Report:

Tropical Storm Franklin is forecast to bring heavy impacts to Haiti and the Dominican Republic on Tuesday.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic could see extreme flooding and mudslides from over a foot of rain.

Franklin’s rain bands could also bring areas of flooding to Puerto Rico.

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The tropics are very busy overall in the Atlantic.

Tropical Storm Harold recently formed and is forecast to move into southern Texas.

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Harold will also bring some much-needed rain to areas of Texas that have been experiencing extreme drought.

There are several tropical disturbances being monitored in the Atlantic.

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Thankfully, none of these systems are expected to impact Florida.

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