• Two arrested after string of Ocoee home burglaries


    OCOEE, Fla. - Two men were arrested after police said they were caught coming back to a house they had previously burglarized.

    Paul Manginelli came home Monday to find his house in shambles. He said there was $4,000 in damage to his home.

    "They actually had the nerve to sit right there in my back porch and make themselves a drink," said Manginelli.

    Some of his neighbors were also targeted. At least four Ocoee homes near Wurst Road were burglarized.

    While the police were investigating the crimes, Carol Kennedy said she saw Richard Kirshman sitting on a bike at the end of the street.

    "I hollered at the cops and I said, 'Help help. There is probably one of them,' so he takes off," said Kennedy.

    Police chased Kirshman and caught him at the end of the road. And then Kennedy spotted another suspect, Walter Guffey.

    "So we holler at this police officer saying, 'Get him, get him, he's going through the yards," said Kennedy.

    Guffey tried to jump a fence, but the officers tackled him too.

    Police said they found one of the victim's son's wallets on Guffey.

    According to police the two were storing stolen goods behind the house next door to where they are suspected of taking the wallet.

    Police recovered some of the stolen items, but Manginelli believes most of his things are gone for good.

    Guffey has previously been charged with at least five crimes, while Kirshman has been charged with more than 20.

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    Two arrested after string of Ocoee home burglaries