Uber clears another hurdle at OIA

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Travelers began using UberBLACK in 2015 after an agreement was reached with Orlando and Uber.

Tanisha Andrews told Channel 9’s Field Sutton she’s a frequent traveler, and she’s gotten used to the convenience of knowing Uber can handle the transportation, no matter where she lands.

“You just kind of pull up your smart phone app, you know, tell them where you are, and they’re here to pick you up,” Andrews said.

Orlando International Airport Board of Directors voted to approve permanent changes to the airport’s ground transportation rules.

Now, Uber drivers can operate based on something other than the temporary waiver they’d been under. Airport planners told Eyewitness News that’s because what had been considered a test, is now considered a success.

Andrews said she hopes rule changes, like where Uber drivers can park and when, will soon change.

One thing the rules don’t change is when Uber travelers can call. UberBLACK is the only one allowed on airport property. Uber X and Uber Select are still illegal to use at OIA.

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