Universal Studios adding major new attractions to its Orlando theme park

Universal Studios is adding some major new additions to its Orlando theme park.
In an arms race with Walt Disney World, Channel 9 news anchor Jamie Holmes has discovered, not only is Universal opening a fourth theme park, but a Pokémon park is also coming soon!
Along with Josh Young, a blogger with Theme Park University, Holmes spoke to numerous sources inside Universal who say Pokémon is indeed coming to Universal Orlando. The incredibly popular video game and franchise will be added to the KidZone section of Universal, where Woody Woodpecker and Barney are located now.

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Originally, that area was slated to be home to Mario Kart and a Donkey Kong roller coaster, but now we've learned those rides will be moving across the street to the 400 acres Universal recently bought near Kirkman Avenue.
According to Young, that land will become home to Universal's fourth Orlando park, and Nintendo will be one of several themed lands to be built there. Nintendo holds the trademark for Pokémon and this is part of a plan to distribute Nintendo out to all the properties, much like Harry Potter.
The problem for fans will be the wait.
While "Fast and Furious" will open this year, a Harry Potter rollercoaster is coming in 2019 and Pokémon is coming in 2020. Nintendo is coming to Japan and Hollywood first, before Orlando in 2023.
The good news though, is all the design work and development for Universal’s parks will be done in Orlando.
Currently, Universal is involved in a lawsuit with the former owner of the property, who did not want a theme park on the property. It's expected to take a year to resolve.
Universal is looking to add one attraction per year to stay competitive with Disney, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2021.
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