• Scott Bush found guilty, tells victims, ‘Shame on you girls for lying'


    WINDERMERE, Fla. - Windermere businessman Scott Bush was found guilty Thursday of raping two girls when they were younger.

    Investigators said it took years for Bush's crimes to come to light because his friend, the former police chief of Windermere, covered them up.

    As the verdict was being read, Bush shook his head and twice told his attorney, “It's wrong.”

    Afterward, the victims told the judge how Bush damaged their lives.

    "If there is a way to wipe my memories away, I would do it," said a victim. "I want to be able to feel like a normal person and not feel messed up and lost."

    But before everyone left the courtroom, it was Bush who got the last word.

    As victims were huddled together, crying, Bush turned to them and said, "Shame on you girls for lying."

    One of the victims' lawyers immediately asked the judge to silence Bush.

    "Your honor, I ask the defendant not to speak to the victim," said the victim's lawyer.

    "Mr. Bush, there cannot be any contact with anybody in the gallery, sir," replied the judge.

    Bush's son sobbed after hearing the verdict, telling his father he loved him.

    Bush's daughter, Christina Bush, who was not a victim, told the judge to put him behind bars for good.

    "Hopefully, I can sleep now and stop having nightmares every night and that I won't be jaded and feel like I can't love anybody now," said Christina Bush.

    Former Windermere Police Chief Daniel Saylor, who was convicted of four felonies because of the cover up, was called by the defense.

    Saylor denied tampering with evidence to protect Bush, even though he was recorded telling an officer to burn investigative notes in the case.

    When the prosecutor's turn came to question Saylor, he denied the charges that he pleaded to claiming he had no choice.

    "I have a daughter. My name was in the gutter. I was destroyed," said Saylor.

    Afterward, the prosecutor told the jury that Saylor lied.

    "The only truthful thing he said on that witness stand was, 'My name is Dan Saylor,'" said prosecutor Deb Barra.

    Saylor is currently on probation.

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    Scott Bush found guilty, tells victims, ‘Shame on you girls for lying'