• Victim confronts board after fake pharmacist gave her near-fatal dosage


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - The state Board of Pharmacy was tipped off about an imposter long before a woman said that man gave her a prescription that nearly killed her.

    On Tuesday, the victim confronted the board about why they didn't stop him sooner.

    WFTV's Kathi Belich asked the deputy secretary of the state Health Department why it took more than a year to track down Gregory Klonowski, after it found out that he was posing as licensed pharmacist Allen Schleicher, even though he lived in the same Seminole County house the whole time.

    "I don't know the details of that part," said DOH Deputy Secretary Kristina Wiggins. "Mainly, we were not able to locate this particular gentleman."

    The state Department of Health claimed it couldn't find Klonowski to suspend his license, claiming he kept moving around.

    More than a year after the health department was told about Klonowski's phony license, the suspect gave Brenda Moody, of Lake County, 100 times her proper dosage of thyroid medication. The dosage almost killed her.

    On Tuesday, Moody and her husband came to the pharmacy board's monthly meeting, and confronted the members.

    Moody said she recently found out another woman went into cardiac arrest after getting a bad prescription from the fake pharmacist the same day she did.

    "You have so many holes in your bucket I don't even know how you can consider that you're protecting even a bird," Moody said to the board.

    Klonowski was recently sentenced to three-and-a-half years in federal prison.

    "We pleaded with all of you," said Moody. "We phoned you (repeatedly) and we finally had to get the FBI involved to get that gentleman off the street. You could not be bothered."

    As the Moodys told their disturbing story, the pharmacy board tried to rush them, claiming time was running out and the meeting had to be adjourned.

    It's been three years since Moody almost died.

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    Victim confronts board after fake pharmacist gave her near-fatal dosage