• Warlocks MC member still faces legal battle despite acquittals


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Prosecutors haven't said if the leader of a local Warlock's motorcycle club will be tried again
    David Maloney was charged with two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder from a Winter Springs shootout that happened just before a charity bike ride in 2012.
    The shootout left three men dead.
    Maloney founder of the Philadelphia Warlocks Motorcycle Club, looked on late Wednesday night as he was acquitted on two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.
    State prosecutors left shaking their heads.
    "Disappointed, disappointed with it," said prosecutor Stewart Stone.
    The case stems from a 2012 shootout between rival biker groups at the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Winter Springs.
    Prosecutors say Maloney set it up to ambush members of the Florida Warlocks after they put a hit out on his life.
    Despite the acquittals Maloney is not completely cleared. Jurors were deadlocked on one count of attempted murder. The judge declared a mistrial on that count.
    WFTV legal analyst said Maloney will likely be tried again on the attempted murder charge.
    "Certainly from the evidence and the defendant's own testimony, the state has a good faith basis for retrying this count," said Sheaffer.
    That's because Maloney admitted he fired a shot at Ronnie Mitchell, the alleged victim in the count the jury deadlocked on.
    Maloney's attorney said there is concern because an attempted murder conviction could put him away for life.
    "It's certainly stressful for any person to be functioning at all under such serious severe charges," said defense attorney Michael LeFay.
    Maloney is still in jail on no bond for the remaining attempted murder count. LeFay said he plans to request a bond hearing soon.
    Sheaffer said LeFay will likely asked that the remaining charge against his client be dropped.

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    Warlocks MC member still faces legal battle despite acquittals