DeSantis says local leaders had plenty of time to react to executive orders

VERO BEACH, Fla. — Gov. Ron Desantis said Tuesday he gave local leaders plenty of time to prepare for changes he made to the state’s coronavirus emergency orders.

Speaking at a bill signing on early childhood education Tuesday, when asked about local leaders being caught off guard by his recent order suspending all local emergency orders, the governor said they had been warned.

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“In the previous order, I said, ‘Prepare for the end of emergency orders.’ That was the order we did a week and a half ago,” DeSantis said.

On Monday the governor said he was suspending all local government emergency orders related to COVID-19, effective immediately.

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At an announcement in St. Petersburg, Gov. DeSantis said he was using his executive power to suspend all local government emergency orders until a bill goes into effect on July 1, invalidating all remaining local coronavirus emergency orders.

The bill says any emergency order issued by a city or county has to be “limited in duration, applicability, and scope in order to reduce any infringement on individual rights.”

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The new executive order says businesses, which include local theme parks, could still require masks and social distancing. However, this provision does not apply to local governments.

Watch Monday’s announcement below.

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