• Weeks after CEO's arrest, BlueWare employees stop getting paid


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Two weeks after a tech company CEO was arrested, employees said they're owed weeks of back pay.

    BlueWare CEO Rose Harr was arrested two weeks ago in an alleged campaign scheme involving former Brevard County Clerk of Courts Mitch Needelman.

    State agents said BlueWare was hired to scan and digitize court documents but only because it agreed to funnel money into Needelman's re-election campaign.

    So far, 10 employees have come forward saying they're owed paychecks from the company, so they sought out labor attorney Maurice Arcadier for help.

    "They were promised and sworn to that basically the money is in the mail, you'll get it soon," said Arcadier.

    Arcadier said his office sent out a demand letter to BlueWare representatives asking them for back pay for two of his earliest clients.  The deadline on that letter is looming, and if there's no response, Arcadier  said one of the only options left may be civil litigation.

    "The civil process is very, very slow," said Arcadier. "If they choose to do nothing, it could be years before they see this money they need now."

    Harr has not commented on the issue.

    "When they didn't get paid, they continued working believing they would get caught up and they haven't," said Arcadier.

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    Weeks after CEO's arrest, BlueWare employees stop getting paid