• Wells Fargo halts home foreclosure of man who paid mortgage early


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Etienne Syldor, the hardworking father and Walt Disney World bus driver who found himself in foreclosure received good news Wednesday.

    His attorney said after Channel 9's story aired, she heard from Wells Fargo and said the bank had not only halted foreclosure, but restored his mortgage and even lowered his interest rate and monthly payments.

    Wells Fargo had begun foreclosure proceedings on Syldor's home in May because he didn't follow the fine print on his particular modification.

    Syldor would pay early, and even overpaid, during a mortgage modification with Wells Fargo.

    "I have never seen a case like this one before," said Syldor's attorney LaMya Henry.

    He couldn't understand it then, and neither could WFTV viewers.

    Emails and calls poured into the newsroom as Syldor's story was picked up by news outlets around the world.

    "Doesn't make any sense," Syldor said.

    Syldor was too busy working to sit down with Channel 9 Wednesday.

    Henry said she'd like to believe the foreclosure was a fluke triggered by a glitch in the massive bank.

    She said Syldor had been worried his family would be forced out on the streets, until Wednesday.

    "I really believe that had it not been for this story, we may have not gotten this outcome," Henry said.

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    Wells Fargo halts home foreclosure of man who paid mortgage early