Wife of man slashed with sword on Thanksgiving arrested, police say

The wife of a man found disemboweled in a Rockledge neighborhood on Thanksgiving and her boyfriend have been arrested in connection with the stabbing, police said.

WARNING: This story contains potentially disturbing content.

The victim, who police said was nearly butchered alive with a sword, has been identified as Jackie Ramsey III. Witnesses said he stumbled out of a home on Carolina Avenue to ask for help from his neighbors Thursday morning, according to police.

Witnesses said Jackie Ramsey was nearly slashed to death and was hugging his intestines against his body.

Police said Ramsey’s wife, Amanda Ramsey, 30, and her boyfriend, Louis Nunez, 22, were arrested Tuesday in Volusia County.

Investigators described the victim’s injuries as “horrific.”

“He never saw it coming,” said Lt. Donna Seyferth, of the Rockledge Police Department. “The injuries were horrific. I don’t think I can stress that enough.”

Amanda Ramsey’s mother, Penny Petro, said it doesn’t make sense and that her daughter would never put her two young children in danger.

“She never would have brought the kids to see that type of incident,” said Petro.

Petro said her daughter has been staying with her for months and only brought the children to the home for the holiday.

She said Amanda Ramsey told her the victim wanted more time with the children and was angry.

“He left and got a butcher knife, some kind of knife, and was attacking her,” said Petro.

Police do not believe Jackie Ramsey was attacked out of self-defense.

“Their version of events was definitely different from the one we were ultimately able to get from the victim,” said Seyferth. “The victim’s was far more plausible.”

Photos of the scene show the man with injuries too graphic to be detailed.

Police said they believe the victim was set up and he did not know about his wife’s relationship with Nunez.

Records show that Jackie Ramsey and Amanda Ramsey got married on Valentine’s Day 2017. Amanda Ramsey filed for divorce a couple days after the stabbing, telling the court that she and her husband have been separated since August. In her petition she wrote, “The respondent has an immediate history of violence, abuse and neglect.”

Jackie Ramsey, remains hospitalized for his injuries.

Rockledge police said they have never been called to deal with a domestic disturbance between the couple.

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