Winter Park High School student accused of voyeurism allowed to play sports

Video: Student accused of recording video up girls' skirts is back on campus
9 Investigates discovered a Winter Park High School student accused of shooting video and pictures up classmates skirts is now being allowed back on campus.
After Channel 9 broke the story in November, administrators kicked the student off campus.
But now the teen is being allowed back on school grounds to participate in sports, because the school can't keep him from playing on the baseball team.
The criminal case is still pending.
The four victims, who Channel 9 is not identifying, no longer want the suspect on campus.
“I feel like the victims don't have any rights in this matter,” said one of the victism’ mothers. “He has his cellular device with him, he's parking in the same parking lot as the girls are allowed to park in. It just doesn't seem right.
One of the victims participated in sports. Her mother said the student’s return to campus came without warning.
“No communication from the school whatsoever. Not a phone call, not an email, nothing about, ‘Here's what we're doing,’” said the parent.
According to an email from Orange County School Board chair Bill Bublette, the boy will be allowed to participate in baseball, weight training, or any other activity 30 minutes after the final bell rings"

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Parents take issue because there is no school supervision at that time, leaving one of the victims to choose between participating in the sports they enjoy, or suffering though sightings of the boy accused of invading their privacy.

Sublette could not comment because of student privacy, but in an email to the parents, he said, "I have done my best and this is as far as our administration/counsel are willing to go at this point in time."
The school district is working now to change their code of conduct rules and consequences to give them more leeway to limit student participation in future cases.