• Witness details bribery case involving ex-Brevard County clerk of court


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Channel 9 has obtained new documents surrounding a deal that prompted a state investigation into bribery and bid tampering involving former Brevard County clerk of court Mitch Needelman and two others who are facing charges in the case.

    From the start, a witness for Brevard County prosecutors said there was little doubt a multimillion-dollar digital scanning deal between BlueWare and Needelman was coming with strings attached.

    Nick Geaney, the former CEO of BlueWare, told investigators there was little question his company's digital scanning contract would be directly tied to funding for Needelman's re-election campaign.

    "Dupree said, basically what will happen is that, that we'll make sure the contract works. Mitch is going to need help with his campaign, so we're going to need some money back," Geaney said.

    Matt Dupree is a former Needelman business associate and current co-defendant.  Needelman, Dupree and BlueWare-BlueGem CEO Rose Harr are all facing charges related to bribery and bid tampering.

    "Matt Dupree made it very, very clear early on that he was officially, unofficially, running Needelman's campaign," said Geaney.

    Geany also told investigators that his boss went along with the program to get an $8.5 million contract with the clerk's office.

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