• Witnesses in fatal home invasion case describe scene in court


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The survivor of a fatal home invasion broke down in court Wednesday as she told a jury about how she heard her friend die.

    Alex Zaldivar, 19, was killed in the 2012 crime.

    Donnell Godfrey's trial started Monday.

    He accused of helping hold three young people at gunpoint.

    Channel 9’s Kathi Belich was in court as Brienna Campos and Remington Campos told the jury about Zaldivar’s final moments.

    Brienna Campos cried as she told the story.

    “He was still lying there with his hands and feet crossed,” she said.

    “OK. Could you tell at that point whether he had been shot or not?” the prosecutor said.

    “I could see that he wasn’t moving and there was a huge puddle of blood he was lying in,” Brienna Campos said.

    The Zaldivar family cried as they saw the photographs of Alex’ body even though they had tried to prepare themselves by looking at them privately.

    Brienna Campos and Remington Campos, Alex’s friends, were also shot but survived.

    Remington Campos controlled his emotions on the witness stand, but his words conveyed anguish.

    He was lying face down on the floor next to Alex.

    He described Alex’s reaction after the first shot was fired at Brienna Campos.

    “After the first shot, Alex starts breathing really heavy and that’s when I look at him and then the second shot goes off and he takes his last breath,” Remington Campos said.

    Remington Campos was shot shortly after Alex.

    He and his sister waited until they were sure the gunmen had left, then ran to a neighbor’s house for help.

    Prosecutors said Bessman Okafor shot the trio to prevent them from testifying against him the next day in a separate home invasion case.  

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