Woman who boarded Orlando flight without ticket located, FBI confirms

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ORLANDO, Fla. — The FBI confirmed Tuesday that it has located the woman who boarded a plane at Orlando International Airport on Sunday without a ticket or identification.

Passengers said the woman, who identified herself as Sylvia Rictor, refused to exit the plane after flight attendants realized she didn't have a boarding pass for the Delta flight.

According to a passenger, the pilot called police, who then removed Rictor from the plane.

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Transportation Security Administration told Channel 9 Rictor was screened but did not provide any additional information.

The FBI confirmed Tuesday that it had located the woman, but did not provide any additional details including how long they'd been looking for her or where she was found.

It is still unknown whether federal charges will be filed against the woman.

TSA has already confirmed they have video showing the woman allegedly sneaking past an officer checking boarding passes before being screened.