CB Jaire Alexander calls Justin Jefferson's dominant Week 1 against the Packers 'a fluke' before rematch

Justin Jefferson won’t run all over the Green Bay Packers a second time.

At least, that’s what Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander thinks headed into their rematch this Sunday.

Alexander isn’t willing to put too much attention on the Minnesota Vikings star wide receiver — even after Jefferson racked up 184 yards and two touchdowns on 11 catches in their blowout win over the Packers in Week 1.

That outing, he said Thursday, was a “fluke.”

"You've just got to be real: He don't jump in no super suit and get dressed and jump outside, you hear me?" Alexander said, via ESPN. "I don't either, sometimes. But he [is] human, is what I'm saying. We ain't putting too much on nobody.

"He's a really good receiver. But at the end of the day, I'm a really good corner. We've got really good corners, we've got really good linebackers, D-line, whatever it is. You don't want to put too much focus on that one person because it's like, the first game, that was a fluke."

No, it wasn’t ‘a fluke’

Regardless of whatever Alexander wants to tell himself, Jefferson’s performance on Sept. 11 wasn’t “a fluke.”

Jefferson has 1,756 receiving yards already this season, which is a career-high for the former LSU standout, and eight touchdowns with two games remaining. He has nine games with at least 100 receiving yards, including three of their last four games. Jefferson put up 223 receiving yards on 11 catches against the Detroit Lions earlier this month, too.

His receiving yards and 123 receptions both lead the league, too.

Stopping Jefferson is going to be key for the Packers, who need to win to keep their postseason hopes alive.

"Well, [Jefferson] is going to get his touches," Packers coach Matt LaFleur said, via ESPN. "As a matter of fact, it's funny you ask that because I was looking at his game-by-game production, and they do a great job of moving him around. That's why it presents some challenges. Unless you just want to go lock him and play man, which opens a new can of worms every snap, it's hard to just account for where's going to be. I think you've got to do a great job of giving him different looks, but you always got to be mindful of where he's at on the field."

Though Alexander may be downplaying Jefferson’s performance in their first matchup now just to build something up before Sunday, he’s still giving Jefferson some credit. He’s at least a top three receiver in the league.

"Davante Adams No. 1, and I think [Jaylen] Waddle might've snuck in there as of this past weekend," Alexander said, via ESPN. "I think he's a really good receiver."