Lane Kiffin denies report that he's leaving Ole Miss to take head coaching job at Auburn

Lane Kiffin is apparently staying put at Ole Miss.

Or so he says. The Mississippi football coach responded to a report from local TV reporter Jon Sokoloff on Monday that he's planning to leave the university on Friday to take the head coaching job at Auburn. Per Kiffin, "That's news to me Jon."

Mississippi is scheduled to play Mississippi State in the annual Egg Bowl rivalry on Thursday. Kiffin cryptically tweeted about the Egg Bowl shortly after Sokoloff's report.

What Kiffin meant with the Egg Bowl tweet is unclear. Likewise is his use of emojis in his latter tweet. But one thing is clear. Kiffin wasn't pleased with Sokoloff's report. Whether he's upset because it's untrue or upset because the news broke early will have to wait.

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