Russell Wilson missed wide-open K.J. Hamler on final play: 'I could have walked in'

The final images of the Denver Broncos' loss were of receiver K.J. Hamler, slamming his helmet down repeatedly after a fourth-down incompletion that ended the game.

It wasn't just frustration over a 12-9 overtime loss in which Denver's offense never scored a touchdown. Hamler was wide open on the final play.

And Russell Wilson never saw him.

If you want one play to sum up what's wrong with Wilson right now, the fourth-down overtime play that ended the loss to the Indianapolis Colts is it.

The Broncos decided to go for it on fourth-and-one and play for the win. They trusted their quarterback to get the yard instead of calling a run play. Wilson went back, had time, and threw into traffic in the end zone. It was batted down incomplete.

Hamler was upset after the play, remained upset after the game and told NFL Network's James Palmer he was wide open for a game-winning touchdown.

Hamler was right. He had an easy touchdown.

To Wilson's right side, Hamler was wide open. If Wilson sees him, it's an easy pitch-and-catch for a touchdown and we're not talking as much about Wilson's struggles or wondering when the Broncos can get out of his contract.

Screen shots don't always tell the full story, and the window for Wilson to hit Hamler wasn't quite as long as the screen shot might indicate. But still ...

Wilson even had a second window in which he could have thrown to Hamler, and didn't find him there either.

Wilson isn't seeing things well, and he has looked hesitant all season. He is pressing. Both of his interceptions on Thursday night were the throws of a quarterback trying to make too much happen.

If Wilson had just looked Hamler's way, the Broncos are likely 3-2 after a walk-off touchdown. There would be questions about Wilson and the offense, but it would also include that on Thursday and also against the 49ers in Week 3, he came up with the clutch plays when he had to.

Instead, it was an ugly loss, and Hamler's frustration sums up what the Broncos fanbase is feeling through five games watching their new, prized quarterback struggle to get anything going.