• Noor Salman trial: Jurors to continue deliberations Friday

    By: Kelly Healey , Jason Kelly


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Jurors on Thursday spent hours deliberating the case against Noor Salman, whose husband fatally shot 49 people inside Pulse Orlando nightclub in June 2016.


    Salman, 31, has pleaded not guilty to charges of aiding the support of a foreign terrorist organization resulting in death and obstruction of justice.


    The judge dismissed jurors Thursday afternoon after 11 hours of deliberations over two days. They'll continue to deliberate the case at 9 a.m. Friday.


    Jurors had two questions for the judge about aiding and abetting and wanted an example of what is considered "willful." The judge wouldn't give an example, but clarified what it means to aid and abet someone.


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    "It's surprising to me that they had questions so quickly," said Susan Clary, a Salman family spokeswoman. "I think the positive in that is that they feel they can communicate with the judge -- what they're thinking when they're going through a process."


    Salman's relatives are encouraged by the fact that the jury hasn't rushed through deliberations, Clary said. 


    "They're taking their time," she said. "It's a complicated case. They're trying to decide what's what. So that's good."


    Jurors have examined a statement she made to the FBI in the hours after the attack.


    The jury asked to review the statement Wednesday, just a couple of hours into their discussions.


    The statement suggests Salman knew of an attack planned by her husband, Omar Mateen, and did nothing to stop it.


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    Her attorneys fought to keep the statement out of the trial. They say it was coerced and she signed it because she was tired and feared losing her young son.


    She faces up to life in prison if convicted.


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