• Record crowds pack Orlando gun show at fairgrounds


    ORLANDO, Fla. - As gun control becomes a heated debate across the country, thousands of people flocked to a gun show at the fairgrounds in Orlando Saturday and Sunday.

    The two-day gun show at the Central Florida Fairgrounds wrapped up Sunday evening.

    Amid the possibility of tighter gun restrictions by the federal government, thousands of people showed up to buy guns and ammo at the show.

    "It's just a madhouse, a lot of activity in here," said gun dealer Blair Brannock.

    Records crowds packed the fairgrounds off West Colonial Drive to seize the opportunity to stock up on guns and ammo. Many are concerned the federal government will tighten restrictions on gun ownership.

    "They're talking about the assault weapons ban after Connecticut. But would gun legislation do anything at all?," asked show promoter Victor Bean.

    The massacre at a Connecticut elementary school in December has reignited the gun control debate. Bean said new restrictions on guns won't help the situation.

    "The answer is not more gun legislation. We have laws banning murder and we still have murders," Bean told WFTV.

    Many at the gun show are under the impression that tighter restrictions on certain assault rifles and high capacity magazines are on the horizon. President Obama has tapped Vice President Biden to lead a federal task force on how to curb gun violence.

    "We need to concentrate on Joe Biden's group and what they are going to recommend. After they do that we'll decide what, if anything, is appropriate to do in this area," said Senator Mitch McConnell.

    While gun advocates aren't backing down from the Second Amendment, some people at the gun show think the country needs some change.

    "I don't think we should be stopped from owning from what we want to own other than high capacity magazines, no one really needs them," said gun buyer Allen Coolbaugh.

    Several gun shows in the northeast have been cancelled out of respect for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

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    Record crowds pack Orlando gun show at fairgrounds