Smart TVs can be just as vulnerable to hackers as other devices

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Many people recently received smart TVs, but even though they offer a lot in new technology, they can be a target for hackers.

Like mobile devices, hackers can steal personal information from smart TVs.

They can also install malware, put on ransomware or just sit back and monitor a victim's online habits to exploit them later.

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Cybersecurity expert Ali Alwan of SecurityScorecard said there are four things that he would do to protect himself with a smart TV:

  • Change the router's password.
  • If the router has more than one network, do most private work on one and everything else on another.
  • Treat the smart TV like your other devices; be cautious of apps and links.
  • Go online to any site that has your financial information on file (such as Amazon, banks, etc.) and sign up for more than just "username" and "password." Request the "text" option, so the company sends you a text with a unique code every time you make a transaction.
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