Transcripts released in case of teen accused of impersonating medical worker

KISSIMMEE, Fla.,None — Matthew Scheidt hasn't said a word to reporters since he was arrested last year. But transcripts released Monday show the 17-year-old had a lot to say to Kissimmee detectives.

During his interrogation Scheidt said he had an interest in the medical field, but he denied telling anyone at Osceola Regional Medical Center he was a physician assistant. In the interrogation he lashed out at the hospital.

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Referring to the employee who gave him the wrong badge, he said, “Are you that stupid that you're going to put me in the system as that? Are you going to ask for any credentials or any paperwork or nothing.”

But in the almost 100 pages of transcripts it appears Scheidt took advantage of the error.  He told detectives he shadowed doctors and nurses who never suspected a thing.

At one point an investigator told Scheidt, “I talked to a doctor and a couple of nurses, and they all liked you. They all had no problem.”

But the hospital had a big problem on its hands.  In the transcripts Scheidt told detectives he performed CPR on a patient in the emergency room because the nurses and doctors were busy and, "there was nobody else there that was able to do it."

Referring to his work with patients, he also told detectives, "I did, like, the history and physical. Which is, like, where is your pain? You know, is it on the lower left?"

When he realized he was getting into real trouble Scheidt told detectives, “This is my future. This is everything. I no longer have a job. I no longer work for the Sheriff's Office. Those are the only two things I ever wanted in life."

In the comment about the Sheriff's Office, Scheidt was referring to his time as a  Police Explorer. And he did talk about his passion for law enforcement which is what may have led to his arrest on charges of impersonating a police officer in Miami Beach in January.

Scheidt is currently in jail in south Florida facing charges in that case.

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