Big pig: 400-pound feral hog captured on golf course near San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — What do you do when you cross paths with a 400-pound feral hog on a golf course?

It's a good idea to let the pig through. And it's an even better idea to call wildlife officials.Especially in southern Texas, where feral hogs are considered a nuisance.

WOW! That is a massive 400-pound feral hog that was trapped in Bexar County last week by Lone Star Trapping. 😮 The...

Posted by News 4 San Antonio on Monday, September 16, 2019

Trappers in southern Texas caught the giant porker on the course last week near San Antonio in Bexar County, WOAI reported.

Wyatt Walton, of Lone Star Trapping, a trapping service in San Antonio, said the hog was captured by dogs, the television station reported.

Walton said more than 3,200 feral hogs have been trapped and removed from neighborhoods in Bexar County, WOAI reported.