Father killed in front of family over free dog from Facebook, fiancee says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Editor's note As Jacksonville officers investigate the shooting death of Scott Bowman, his fiancee — who was inside the home where he was killed — spoke with Action News Jax about what she said happened.

Scott Bowman was shot and killed after an argument inside his home Wednesday night on Macnaughton Drive.

Chelsea Bowman said she and Christopher "Scott" Bowman were divorced, but were going to remarry soon.

She said they wanted a dog, so they answered a Facebook ad from a man who said he was giving one away.

It turned out to be a fatal mistake.

Chelsea Bowman said she told the man — who JSO has not identified — that they would pick up the dog, but he insisted on coming to them, she said.

When he arrived, Chelsea Bowman said they invited him inside for a drink to thank him for the dog.

She said that’s when things got strange.

“The dude takes his shoes off and he stays. And he doesn’t leave,” Chelsea Bowman said. “And it’s making everybody uncomfortable.”

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Chelsea Bowman said the couple hinted it was time for the man to go — their kids had to go to sleep — but he refused.

“He gets very, very volatile, very, very drunk,” Chelsea Bowman said. “My husband (Scott) goes to use the bathroom, and he waits for him. He comes out, and he grabs him and he starts beating him.

“I mean grabs him, slams him down. Scott was not winning this fight at all.”

Chelsea Bowman said her daughter told her she witnessed the man hold a gun to Scott’s head, and that’s when Scott was able to turn the gun on the man and shoot him in the arm.

She said Scott started to run, but the man shot him in the chest.

“[Daughter] Kinley was going ‘You shot my dad! You shot my dad!’” Chelsea Bowman said. “I said ‘Run! Go get help.' I said 'Baby, baby, please,’ trying to wake him up."

JSO said when officers arrived at the home, there was a man outside who told them he was involved in the shooting and he was detained for questioning.

Chelsea Bowman said she and her children were also taken to JSO for questioning. She said she could hear the alleged gunman banging on the walls at JSO.

“When we got interrogated downtown he was like a maniac,” Chelsea Bowman said. “He was banging on the walls, cussing. At one point they had to switch us from one room so we wouldn’t hear this maniac.”

JSO said Friday that the individuals involved in the shooting have been identified and that the investigation is ongoing.

Chelsea Bowman said her husband was murdered — and she wants the man charged.

“I miss him. I just want him back,” she said. “I keep thinking it’s a horrible dream.”

Records show Scott Bowman was arrested for domestic battery twice – but in both cases, the charges were dropped.

Neighbor Jeff Wood said Scott Bowman was a good man – and wouldn’t harm anyone.

“He’s a gentle guy, wouldn’t hurt anybody. Scott was my friend. I loved that dude to death,” Wood said.

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