Florida woman finds snake in dryer while folding laundry

SAFETY HARBOR, Fla. — A Florida woman found more than her laundry in the dryer when she opened the door and saw a snake was in with a pile of clothes.

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Amanda Wise was startled Sunday after she grabbed her coffee and found a snake in the laundry as she was removing it from the dryer and preparing to fold, WTVT reported.



"If there's one thing I am terrified of (other than flying) it's snakes," Wise wrote on social media. "I have never ran so fast in my life."

Wise said her husband safely removed the snake and put it outside.

The dryer vent cover outside had been removed, allowing the reptile to slither inside the appliance.

Y’all.. I about had a near death experience this morning 🤣 I made my coffee and headed out to the garage to fold laundry...

Posted by Amanda Wise on Sunday, February 24, 2019
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