• Man plans perfect one-night proposal/wedding for girlfriend

    By: Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    A woman in New York goes from girlfriend to fiancée to bride all in one night.

    Nicole Carfagna suffers from lupus. It’s an illness that can get worse with stress.

    Danny Rios decided he could lessen that stress by taking care of everything, and we mean everything, for the couple to get married. 

    “I know it’s a battle with her illness already and when anything comes up she gets stressed out about it,” Rios told ABC News.

    He spent more than five months planning the proposal and the wedding, all to take place in less than two hours. He also was able to keep it all a surprise for his now-wife, ABC News reported.

    Carfagna actually planted the idea in his mind.

    “Nicole kept on saying how she wanted to have people over for an engagement party and then surprise them with a wedding so I knew she was OK with a wedding in the backyard,” Rios said

    Rios did have help. Carfagna’s mother helped picked up the dress. They bought two so they knew one would fit. Rios got the rings -- both the engagement ring and wedding bands -- kept everything in a safe. 

    Then, the couple traveled right before the big day. His parents came to the house and got everything set up.

    On Dec. 8, Carfagna thought she was walking in on a surprise birthday party when they returned home from their trip to Disney, but then Rios dropped to a knee, and asked her to marry him in front of their friends and family, ABC News reported.

    They then retreated inside for Rios to spring the final surprise on his bride-to-be.

    “Danny said, ‘You know how much I love you and if you want we can do this tonight. All of our closest friends and family are here’”  Carfagna told ABC News. “He told me to turn around and a dress and tux were hanging there.”

    Carfagna blogged about the big night. Click here to read about all of the ways Rios kept her guessing and how she was none-the-wiser thanks to all of his misdirection.

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