12 hurt when passenger opens aircraft door midflight; plane lands safely

A dozen passengers on a flight in South Korea were hurt when a person opened an emergency exit door midflight.

The Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 landed safely, The Associated Press reported.

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Officials said that the plane was heading from Jeju to Daegu, a flight that normally lasts about an hour, the AP reported.

According to CNN, there were a total of 200 people on board, including 194 passengers.

The plane was on approach to Daegu, about three minutes from landing, and was at an altitude of 700 feet when a person tried to open the door, CNN reported. The South Korean Transport Ministry said several people tried to prevent it from happening but the hatch partially opened, allowing a rush of air to blow inside.

Twelve people suffered slight injuries, including breathing problems, the AP reported. Some passengers complained of ear pain.

The man has been arrested and confessed to opening the door, though he didn’t say why he did it, CNN reported.

He’s being investigated for violating the Aviation Security Act, which prohibits passengers from operating doors, exits or equipment inside a plane. He could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted, CNN reported.

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