150+ snakes found in home where man was found dead

A Pennsylvania man is dead and when police reported to his home, they said they found more than 150 snakes and other reptiles inside.

More than 100 of the snakes were venomous, WPXI reported.

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WNEP reported that the man’s roommate called 911 to tell authorities that the 23-year-old victim, whose name has not been released, was unresponsive inside their home.

But by the time first responders got to the house in Aliquippa, the man was already dead.

WPXI reported that the dead man did have had a bite on his body, but an autopsy found that he didn’t die from a snake bite, so the investigation continues. The bite was determined to be old, The Beaver County Times reported.

Police removed the venomous snakes, which included two black mambas, WNEP reported.

There were also rattlesnakes and cobras, The Beaver County Times reported.

The non-venomous ones remained at the house.

The other snakes were taken to Off the Hook Exotic Pets under the care of owner George Diaz, who is examining them while they’re in a two-week quarantine.

“We have to look over them for mites, body scaring, mouth rot. Anything that is detrimental, but I haven’t seen anything like that. Most of the snakes are very healthy. But things can come up these could be wild-caught, I don’t know the ancestors,” Diaz told WPXI.

When the quarantine is done, Pennsylvania officials will determine what to do with them.

WPXI reported that the homeowners were buying and selling the reptiles at shows and are now facing charges for violating city code. Aliquippa does not permit venomous snakes or other reptiles to be owned. They face fines of up to $1,000 per animal.

In addition to the snakes, officials also found a dwarf caiman crocodile and lizards, The Beaver County Times reported.

Four adults and a 3-year-old child lived at the home and two of the men living there ran a reptile business out of the property, WPVI reported.

The Beaver County Times reported that they recently moved to the region to run the business.