Bear brings down deer lawn ornament in Massachusetts backyard

EAST BRIDGEWATER, Mass. — A black bear prowling through a Massachusetts neighborhood decided to challenge a lawn ornament of a deer in a resident’s front yard.

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The deer lost, but so did the bear, who was deprived of a seemingly easy meal.

According to WFXT-TV, the bear was roaming in a yard in East Bridgewater, located about 33 miles south of downtown Boston.

At first, the bear can be seen looking at a statue of a small bear, but then focuses on a bigger target -- a fake deer.

The bear knocks the statue to the ground, steps on it, and then locks its jaws onto the ornament and carts it away into the nearby woods, according to the television station.

The deer’s “legs” remained upright and embedded in the ground while the bear dragged the rest of its “kill” away.

Bon appetit.

Black bears are common in other parts of Massachusetts, they are rarely seen in the East Bridgewater area, WFXT reported.

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