Birmingham Zoo welcomes red panda, infant howler monkey

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — An Alabama zoo announced two new residents on Saturday.

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In a news release, the Birmingham Zoo introduced Gizmo, a red panda, and a baby howler monkey born earlier this month, reported.

Gizmo is 2-years-old and came to Birmingham from the Sacramento Zoo, WVTM reported. The animal arrived at the zoo on Dec. 2, 2020; after completing a routine quarantine at the zoo’s Animal Health Center, Gizmo was cleared to be part of the zoo’s Predator Building, WBRC reported.

The howler monkey was born on May 3 to Matea, an 8--year-old female, reported. The sex of the infant has yet to be determined, the website reported.

Red pandas are an endangered species in the wild, according to Their population continues to decline in their native range of Nepal, China and Myanmar, zoo officials said. There are approximately 2,500 red pandas remaining in the wild, the zoo said.

Matea came to Birmingham from the Cleveland Zoo in 2017, and the infant’s father was housed at the San Antonio Zoo, reported.

Zoo officials said howler monkeys are the world’s loudest land animal. Their distinctive howl can be heard up to three miles away, according to

Howler monkeys are native to South America and live in the forests of southern Brazil, Paraguay, eastern Bolivia, and northern Argentina, zoo officials said.