Coronavirus: Stimulus payments could come as soon as Thursday for some, most likely next week for majority

Those waiting for the government’s coronavirus stimulus checks may be getting the payments sooner rather than later.

Some taxpayers may be getting the extra money from the government as soon as Thursday or Friday, USA Today and the Detroit Free Press reported.

Included in the group are those who already have given their bank account information to the Internal Revenue Service as well as Social Security beneficiaries, USA Today reported.

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Originally, the first direct deposits were expected about mid-April, Fox News reported.

If the money isn’t distributed this week, then next week will be the first deposits, USA Today and the Free Press reported.

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The second wave of payments could happen as early as the week of April 20, with printed paper checks following next month, USA Today reported.

The deposits will be followed by a letter about 15 days later that spells out when and how much money was deposited. If you didn’t get the money, then there will be information on how to report the issue. For the latest on the distribution of the stimulus payments, visit the IRS’s coronavirus page.

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