Dolly Parton says it’s unlikely she’ll ‘ever tour again’

Country queen Dolly Parton said that her touring days might be behind her, in an interview last week with Pollstar magazine.

In an interview that covered topics including feminism and her next record, Pollstar asked the 76-year-old legendary country singer if there is a tour in her future.

“I do not think I will ever tour again, but I do know I’ll do special shows here and there, now and then. Maybe do a long weekend of shows, or just a few shows at a festival,” Parton said in the lengthy interview titled, “Why Dolly Parton Belongs In The Rock Hall.”

Parton said that her life has been full of tours and she didn’t want to be far from home anymore.

“I like to stay a little closer to home with my husband. We’re getting older now, and I don’t want to be gone for four or five weeks at a time,” Parton told Pollstar’s Holly Gleason.

She didn’t rule out the possibility of doing some shows, as long as they were short.

“Maybe (I’ll) do a long weekend of shows, or just a few shows at a festival,” Parton said.

According to NPR, her last tour was in 2016 and included over 60 cities in North America.

Parton, who is already in the Country Hall of Fame, will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Nov. 5 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, according to The Associated Press.

She’ll join artists Brenda Lee, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Chet Atkins, Hank Williams and the Everly Brothers, who have been inducted into both the Rock Hall and Country Hall of Fame.