Family finds venomous snake in their Christmas tree

WESTERN CAPE, South Africa — A couple in South Africa discovered a deadly snake in their Christmas tree, just hours after decorating the tree.

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The couple, Rob and Marcela Wild, told CNN their cats noticed the snake first and called their attention to the tree by staring at the branches. What they found instead of a mouse, was a boomslang.

A boomslang is a deadly snake that grows to about 6 feet, and just a small amount of its venom can be deadly to humans, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. They often hide in bushes or trees while waiting for prey.

A reptile rescue service went to the home in the Western Cape area and was able to capture the animal with a pair of tongs, UPI reported. The business posted videos of the capture and release on its YouTube page, saying this was the first time it was ever called to remove a snake from a Christmas tree.

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