Girl, 5, writes birthday wish on balloon for pony, woman finds and responds

A Colorado girl who wrote a birthday wish on a balloon for a pony could not have hoped for it to land in a better place -- a family with a ranch and seven horses.

Macey, a 5-year-old who went horseback riding for the first time the other weekend for her birthday, wrote her wish soon after the experience, KOAA reported.

"My wish for this year is to get a pet horse," the balloon read.

Jennifer Houghton's father found the balloon, which had traveled about 70 miles, caught in his fence.

“I feel like every little girl should get to enjoy the horse world,” Houghton said. “I was privileged enough to grow up in it, so I know like what a dream come true it can be.”

Houghton posted a photo of the balloon on social media in an attempt to connect with Macey.

“I really just wanted to find Macey,” she said. “I couldn’t get her a pet horse, but at least try and help her ride and make somewhat of a dream come true.”

They were able to connect.

Houghton is now helping Macey's family find a horse of her own.

“Jennifer, I just want to say thank you very much,” Macey’s father, Chad Clemens said. “It’s really cool, you know, that you found that. Hopefully, one day we’ll be able to meet up and go for a ride together.”