How to properly clean and sanitize your phone

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — How often do you pick up your phone, let others touch or use your phone? What about how there are more than 25,000 germs living on your phone?

More importantly, the coronavirus can live on your phone.

Just like you disinfect surfaces and wash your hands, there is a way for you to properly disinfect your phone without harming it.

Tracy Manuel at Batteries plus Bulbs told WHBQ-TV it’s best that you use an alcohol wipe because it’s not as saturated with liquid like a Clorox wipe, so it’s less likely to damage your phone.

First, make sure you turn your phone off and unplug it from the charger.

Next, use the alcohol wipe to wipe your phone down from the front to the back that includes the sides and buttons.

Manual told WHBQ-TV that you can even wipe down your phone’s cameras without the wipe harming it.

That’s it! It is a quick and easy process.

It’s best if you wipe your phone down every other day to every two days.