Hunter has life-threatening injuries after he was gored by a moose in Colorado

LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. — A hunter has life-threatening injuries after he was gored by a moose Tuesday in Colorado, officials say.

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According to a Facebook post from Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, deputies received an emergency alert from a GPS device that a hunter was carrying. The hunter had alerted LCSO that he was seriously injured by an animal.

LCSO said that the hunter hiked about a mile and a half to Long Draw Road. He was helped by “passers-by” when the deputy arrived in the area. The deputy immediately helped provide first aid to the hunter and worked to keep him comfortable until the Poudre Canyon Fire Protection District paramedics arrived.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife told KMGH that the hunter shot at the moose but he missed it when the moose turned and charged at him. The moose gored and trampled him.

LCSO said that the hunter had severe life-threatening injuries and was taken by air ambulance to a hospital.

We’re proud of our deputy and his quick, decisive assessment of the injuries to stabilize the hunter. We also commend the party of passers-by who helped transport him down Long Draw Road and waved down our deputy, who also helped our deputy with traffic control so that all the medical personnel on the scene could devote their attention to the injured hunter,” said LCSO in their Facebook post.

CPW told KMGH that they had no plans to try to find the moose. This incident also marks the fourth moose attack this year in Colorado. KMGH said that in early June, a man was seriously injured, and a woman sustained minor injuries after a moose charged at them. In May, KMGH said a moose had trampled a runner who was with her newborn.

No further information has been released.