Netflix releasing secret Norm Macdonald final stand-up

Norm Macdonald has one more comedy stand-up routine up his sleeve.

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Macdonald, who died on Sept. 14, 2021, at the age of 61 after a nine-year battle with cancer, privately shot an unreleased 60-minute stand-up special, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special” will debut on May 30, Netflix announced on Thursday. The “Saturday Night Live” actor-comedian, famous for his deadpan delivery, was working on new material for a Netflix special when he was hospitalized during the summer of 2020, the entertainment website reported.

“His test results were not good, so during the heart of COVID-19 pandemic and literally the night before going in for a procedure, he wanted to get this on tape just in case -- as he put it -- things went south,” Lori Jo Hoekstra, Macdonald’s producing partner, told The Hollywood Reporter. “It was his intention to have a special to share if something happened.”

>> Norm Macdonald, comedian and former ‘SNL’ actor, dies at 61

Netflix confirmed that the special will be submitted for consideration for an Emmy Award, Variety reported. The show will premiere a day before the May 31 cut-off date for Emmy Award eligibility, the website reported.

Macdonald has never been nominated for an Emmy.

The program will include clips of Adam Sandler, Conan O’Brien, Dave Chappelle, David Letterman, David Spade and Molly Shannon talking about Macdonald during the recent Netflix Is a Joke Fest, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“It makes me so happy that I can share it, but also so sad that we can’t share it with him,” Hoekstra told the entertainment website. “He didn’t do this for the shock that it exists. He shot it because he loved his material and was so proud of his material. He worked so hard and it really would’ve bothered him to have done all that work and not been able to show everybody. He did it for the stand-up. I just hope people appreciate that he did this.”

Macdonald began his career as a stand-up comedian in Canada before becoming a writer on “Roseanne,” according to the Montreal Gazette and Variety.

In 1993, he left “Roseanne” to join the cast of “SNL,” where his deadpan delivery during the show’s “Weekend Update” endeared him to fans.

The Netflix special was first reported on Saturday by Macdonald’s sister-in-law, Joyce Napier, the Ottawa bureau chief for the Canadian television channel CTV, NBC News reported.

“It turns out Norm left an hour of new material behind, recorded in his apartment during the lockdown,” Napier reported on CTV. “It’ll be a Netflix comedy special soon. So, we have that. Which is precisely what Norm wanted.”